Bonded Warehouse


We are authorised by the competent Customs Agency (Agenzia delle Dogane) to operate in our facilities in Brescia with a “Type C Authorization“, constituting therefore a Bonded Warehouse with the possibility of acting as a VAT Fiscal Deposit and as a Customs Deposit.


VAT Fiscal Deposit


VAT Fiscal Deposit

Among the various services that we offer, the VAT Fiscal Deposit allows the Customer to introduce, sell, work or simply custody domestic or EU goods without the immediate payment of the VAT.

The use of such type of deposit offers to the Customers some interesting facilitations: it simplifies for example trade commerce, allows in any moment the re-shipment abroad of the goods in the deposit or, alternatively, the domestic sale in a more advantageous economic moment.

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Customs Deposit


Customs DepositWorking with a Customs Deposit allows the warehousing of extra-EU goods, avoiding the immediate payment of import duties, VAT and other taxes eventually due for their definitive import, which will instead be due only at the moment of their extraction from the Deposit.

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